• April 2017 Chromebook Update

    Chrome OS 57 was recently released by Google. AIR has verified that version 57.0.2987.137 fixes the Paginated Stimuli issue . Schools and districts using the paginated stimuli tool with Chromebooks may upgrade to 57.0.2987.137 or later.


    AIR recommends that you upgrade a subset of your devices first to ensure no issues are encountered. Once verified, upgrade the remainder of your devices.


    If you do not intend to use paginated stimuli and have upgraded your devices to Chrome OS version 57, you must deactivate paginated stimuli. This can be done by uploading a student settings file in TIDE (recommended), manually editing student records in TIDE, or manually by Test Administrators in the TA Interface when approving students to test. Additional information on updating student settings can be found in the TIDE User Guide and the TA User Guide.


    Guidance is outlined below for additional action based on the version(s) currently running on your district’s Chromebooks and whether your district will be using the paginated stimuli feature.

    Chromebook Version Will be Using Paginated Stimuli Will NOT be Using Paginated Stimuli
    50-54 No action required. Must deactivate paginated stimuli.
    55-56 Must upgrade to 57.0.2987.137 or later No action required, but deactivating paginated stimuli recommended.

    (initial release version)

    Paginated Stimuli not supported. Must upgrade to 57.0.2987.137 or later. Must deactivate paginated stimuli.
    57.0.2987.137+ No action required. Must deactivate paginated stimuli.


    Added April 10, 2017
  • TIDE Downtime

    On Friday, April 7th the TIDE system will be down for maintenance from approximately 6pm to 8pm. TIDE will be inaccessible during this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    For immediate assistance please contact the Ohio Help Desk at ohhelpdesk@air.org, 877-231-7809 option 2.


    Added April 5, 2017
  • Chromebook OS 57 release and known issue with OELPA and ELPA21 Pilot Screener Recorder

    AIR has identified an issue with the OELPA/ELPA21 Pilot Screener voice recorder in Chromebook OS 57 and is working internally to resolve this issue. Schools and districts using Chromebooks should continue to administer the tests on Chrome OS 56 using patch number 56.0.2924.110 until a fix for Chrome OS 57 is deployed.


    AIR recommends that all schools that administer OELPA and ELPA21 Pilot Screener tests on Chromebooks take a practice test on the model of Chromebook they are using and verify that the Speaking responses record correctly before administering the test to students.  Please note that the OELPA test window ends on Friday, March 31st.


    Please see the chart below for availability of the recorder and recommended action based on Chrome OS version.

    Chromebook Version Recorder Availability
    50-53 Recorder works as intended. No action needed
    54-55 Recorder does not work.  Update OS to 56 using patch number 56.0.2924.110
    56 Recorder works with patch number 56.0.2924.110
    57 Recorder will not work.  Roll back to 56 using patch number 56.0.2924.110
    Added March 30, 2017
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