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This portal is your source for information about Ohio’s State Tests in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.


  • March Chromebook Update

    As communicated previously, Google is targeting Chrome OS version 57 to fix Paginated Stimuli. Google is projecting version 57 will be promoted to the stable build this week and we will conduct final testing to verify the fix.


    Please see the advice below for additional action based on the version(s) currently running on your district’s Chromebooks and whether your district will be using the paginated stimuli feature.

    Chromebook Version Will be Using Paginated Stimuli Will NOT be Using Paginated Stimuli
    50-54 No action required. May upgrade to 57 after fix is confirmed. Must deactivate paginated stimuli. May upgrade to 57 after fix is confirmed.
    55-56 Must upgrade to 57 after fix is confirmed. No action required, but deactivating paginated stimuli recommended.
    57 No action required. Must deactivate paginated stimuli.

    Additional notes:


    If your district upgrades to version 57 during your test window, proceed with caution. It is recommended that you upgrade a subset of your devices first to ensure no issues are encountered. Once verified locally, upgrade the remainder of your devices.


    If your district will not be using paginated stimuli, it is recommended that the feature be deactivated. Deactivation can be done by uploading a student settings file in TIDE (recommended), manually editing student records in TIDE, or manually by Test Administrators in the TA Interface when approving students to test. Additional information on updating student settings can be found in the TIDE User Guide and the TA User Guide.

    Added March 15, 2017
  • February Chromebook Update

    AIR and Google have been working on three known issues affecting Chromebooks. Google has released a patch for Chrome OS 56 that fixes two of these known issues. The third is still being worked on.


    OELPA Speaking: Chromebooks used for testing OELPA Speaking should be updated to Chrome OS 56.0.2924.110 or later. We continue to recommend that schools that administer OELPA tests on Chromebooks take a practice test on the model of Chromebook they are using and verify that the recorder for OELPA Speaking records correctly before administering the operational tests to students.


    TTS Tracking: The patch also fixes the TTS Tracking feature available for Ohio’s State Tests. The highlighting that tracks which word is being read with Text To Speech stopped appearing on Chromebooks running OS 53 to 55. The highlighting will now appear when using Chrome OS 56.0.2924.110 or later.


    Paginated Stimuli: Google is continuing to work on this issue and is still targeting the fix for Chrome OS 57. Per the previously published guidance, if your district will be using paginated stimuli do not update Chromebooks that will be used for Ohio’s State Tests beyond version 54. Once Google releases version 57 and AIR confirms that this issue is fixed, we will notify districts they may upgrade to 57. If your district will not be using paginated stimuli and your Chromebooks are on version 55 or 56, no action is needed.


    Districts that are testing both OELPA and Ohio’s State Tests on Chromebooks will need to maintain a portion of their devices on version 54 or earlier for use with Ohio’s State Tests and upgrade a portion of their devices to 56.0.2924.110 for use with OELPA.

    Added March 15, 2017
  • Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra) Now Supported

    AIR is now able to support Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra) for secure student testing. Districts and schools may update their Mac devices to this operating system. Users will be able to access the practice test site and student testing site from this platform.

    Note that Siri has been added to the list of forbidden apps. As with any other forbidden app, if you attempt to open the secure browser while Siri is running, you will be prompted to close Siri before continuing.

    Added February 7, 2017
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