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Fall 2017 Test Administration Manual /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/0016608-OST_Fall2017_Test_Administration_Manual.pdf
Appendix A: Test Security Provisions /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OST_Fall2017_TAM_AppendixA.pdf
Appendix B: Oral Translation and Human Read-Aloud for Online Testing /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OST_Fall2017_TAM_AppendixB.pdf
Appendix C: Calculator Policies /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OST_Fall2017_TAM_AppendixC.pdf
Appendix D: Troubleshooting for Online Testing /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OST_Fall2017_TAM_AppendixD.pdf
Appendix E: Breach Administrations /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OST_Fall2017_TAM_AppendixE.pdf
Appendix F: Summary of Additional Resources /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OST_Fall2017_TAM_AppendixF.pdf
Appendix G: Non-Disclosure Agreement for Translators /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OST_Fall2017_TAM_AppendixG.pdf
Appendix H: Test Incident Guidance Document /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OST_Fall2017_TAM_AppendixH.pdf
Appendix I: Guidance for Special Testing Scenarios /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/0016616-OST_Fall2017_TAM_AppendixI.pdf
Appendix J: Test Coordinator Checklist /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/0016617-OST_Fall2017_TAM_AppendixJ.pdf
Appendix K: Test Administrator Checklist /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/0016618-OST_Fall2017_TAM_AppendixK.pdf
Appendix L: Online Testing Highlights and Script /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OST_Fall2017_TAM_AppendixL.pdf

Fall 2017 Test Administration Manual

The Test Administration Manual (TAM) covers policies and procedures for districts and schools that are administering Ohio’s State Tests. This manual replaces and includes information that was included previously in the Test Coordinator’s Manual and Directions for Administration Manual. District test coordinators, building test coordinators and test administrators must review the information in this manual prior to testing.

The TAM also includes a series of appendices that can be downloaded as part of the manual or separately. The appendices cover important policies and procedures regarding oral translations, human read-aloud administrations, calculator policies, and breach administrations. The appendix also includes guidance documents that were previously stand-alone documents, such as the Test Incident Guidance Document and Special Testing Scenarios Guidance Document. Lastly, the appendix includes a series of checklists, including the District Test Coordinator Checklist and Test Administrator Checklist.

Fall 2017 Supplemental Instructions for Paper Testing /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OST_Fall17_Supplemental_Instructions_Paper_Testing.pdf

Fall 2017 Supplemental Instructions for Paper Testing

The Supplemental Instructions for Paper Testing manual covers policies and procedures specific to administering Ohio's State Tests on paper. This manual is a supplement to the Test Administration Manual, which applies to students testing online and on paper.  Test coordinators and test administrators testing students on paper must review the information in this manual prior to testing.

Ohio Accessibility Manual

Ohio’s Accessibility Manual is a comprehensive policy document providing information about the accessibility features of Ohio’s State Tests for grades 3-8 and high school in English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.

Ohio’s Accessibility Manual and planning tools are available on the Ohio Department of Education website at the link.

2017-2018 Testing Dates

Each school district chooses a consecutive series of school days to administer state tests within specified windows, or periods of time.

The 2017-2018 Testing Dates are available on the Ohio Department of Education website at the link.

Testing Times for Ohio's State Tests /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OH_State_Test_Times.pdf

Testing Times

This document provides the testing times for grades 3-8 and end-of-course administrations.

Marking Scorable Documents /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/Scorable-Document-Marking-Guidelines_2017.pdf

Guidance for Marking Scorable Documents

This document provides guidance for using highlighters, making notes and using place holders on scorable documents for paper tests.

Fall 2017 Sample Demographic Pages /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/OST_Fa17_SampleDemoPages.pdf

Fall 2017 Sample Demographic Page

This document provides sample demographic pages of the Fall 2017 paper tests.

Guidance Document for 2017-18 Ohio Pre-ID Files /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/Ohio_PreID_Guidance_Doc_2017_2018.pdf

Pre-ID Guidance Document

This guidance document provides important information on Ohio Pre-ID files, including:

  • Details on how Pre-ID data will be collected for Ohio’s statewide tests;
  • Frequently asked questions; and
  • Details on how student test eligibility will be identified for ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies, the Alternate Assessment and OELPA.
Guidance for Infrastructure Trial /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/Establishing-Practice-TA-Sessions-for-an-Infrastructure-Trial.pdf

Guidance for Infrastructure Trial

This checklist provides basic steps for test administrators to follow when setting up practice sessions for an infrastructure trial.

TIDE Tasks for Test Coordinators /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/Ohio_TIDE_Tasks_Summary_for_Test_Coordinators.pdf

TIDE Tasks for Test Coordinators

This guidance document provides an overview of each task that must be completed in TIDE for Ohio’s State Tests, OELPA and the AASCD.

Message Codes /core/fileparse.php/3094/urlt/Testing_Site_Message_Codes_2017-2018.pdf

Message Codes

This document contains common messages that are displayed in the Test Delivery System, along with recommended actions to take when these messages are encountered.